Graying of Carpet in Hallways, and Any Traffic Lane

I'd like to discuss frustrating issues that some of you may have with your carpets and some handy tips that I think may help deal with them. First up: Traffic Lanes

It isn’t just soiling or staining that makes carpets begin to discolor. Wear, especially repeated wear in certain areas, can begin to damage the fibers which make up your carpet. Repeated wear is especially bad in areas that are natural choke points in your home, such as hallways and stairs, as well as places that just see a lot of use, such as in front of chairs and couches. These areas begin to develop gray looking patches which can't come out even with a professional cleaning.

When you walk on your carpet you are crushing down the fibers under your feet. As this is happening, the fibers are rubbing against one another but more specifically against anything which may also be present (e.g. grit, sand, dust, etc). These coarse materials can chip away or scratch the carpet fibers, which eventually makes the light which refracts off the carpet change. Imagine a brand new steel frying pan.  Now, scour one side with steel wool. Will both sides appear the same? No, likely not. One side will appear shiny and new, while the other side will appear dull and worn. The steel is the same and both sides are equally clean, but the way the light bounces off each side has changed, thus changing the pan’s appearance. It is the same with carpet, only it can happen slowly. This is why your carpet can be clean as a whistle, but still appear gray in traffic lanes.

The Solution: Vacuuming. Yes, vacuuming can remove a lot of the course materials that will expedite this process. Simply getting into a quick vacuuming routine can add years to your carpet’s life span. You don’t have to get every square inch in every room, but vacuuming the high traffic areas will make a huge difference.  Unfortunately, once this wear occurs there is no way to undo the damage. For this reason, it’s best to try and stay in front of it. Regular carpet cleanings by a professional can help with this.

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