Urine, Vomit, and Bodily Fluids

Whether its pets, children, or you, bodily fluids do end up on carpets. These can be very problematic as they happen to be very good at staining for many reasons that I won’t get into. Suffice it to say that they can permanently discolor a carpet. However, almost all can be treated the same way.

The Solution: Have you ever heard the old saying “The solution to pollution is dilution”? Whether or not it’s true for the environment, it is true for carpets and we’ll get to that in a moment. Also, it is important to get to these spills FAST. The longer these spills sit the more likely it is that a stain will set.

Step 1) You need to wick up as much of the “spill” as possible with a crummy old towel. Try not to rub the offending spill in while you’re doing this. You want to blot. Put this towel in the wash machine to clean afterward.

Step 2) Dampen another towel significantly with cold water. Use the water in the towel to wick up more of the spill while diluting it and continue doing this until the spill begins to fade. Don’t create a deluge that would be the equivalent to dumping buckets on your floor.

*Warning: Water can damage natural carpet fibers so this step is ONLY for Nylon or other petroleum based carpets (95% of the carpets on the market); NOT for Silk, Cotton, or Wool! Natural fibers will likely need a professional. 

Step 3) Fold the damp towel you have been using so that a clean side is facing out and apply a small amount of Dawn Dish Soap (the greatest, non-professional, carpet detergent on the market) to the clean side of the damp towel. Then, with a back and forth motion clean the spot. Get as much of the soap residue out as possible. Do NOT use any specialty carpet cleaning chemicals. It is my experience that the majority of these, if not used properly, can set stains or leave bleach spots on carpet. Dawn Dish Soap won’t, just be sure to rinse out as much as possible.

Step 4) Place a dry towel on the damp carpet and stand on it to wick out as much of the water as possible, not just from the carpet, but likely the pad below. Drying the carpet as thoroughly as possible is important. If the spot still remains, you will need to call a professional. 

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